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Importance of Obtaining Accurate Legal Transcription Service

When going to court, it cannot only be nerve racking, but decisions can be based on a single statement made in a court of law. It doesn’t matter where the statement comes from, be it depositions, wiretaps, or court proceedings. Obtaining the highest quality transcription services can ensure the best results by providing accurate legal transcripts.

 There are many different formats that speech can get translated into in a court of law. Using a legal transcription service can guarantee that the speech be transcripted into a written document using the skills of accuracy and speed. You should not have to wait for your transcriptions. By going to a transcriptionist, you are taking advantage of their eye for detail to precisely depict what has been verbalized word for word to ensure there is no misunderstanding in communication.

Here at the Maxene Weinberg Court Reporting Agency, we pride ourselves on our highly qualified court reporters available throughout the United States who are Livenote Certified and able to effectively handle complex transcription matters.

There is no legal service that is too small for transcription services. Depositions are out of court testimonies from

witnesses. Since these depositions are done outside of a court of law, they may have to be transferred to a written document to be later used in courts. It is important to obtain a transcriptionist for depositions to guarantee accuracy.

Court tapes provide the actual audio of what goes on in a courtroom. These tapes are important because there are moments where an argument may break out in a courtroom. It is important to get the details of the words exchanged within a courtroom because they maybe used to your advantage later on. By bringing these court tapes to a legal transcription service, you are guaranteeing your court documents are being recorded as a written document verbatim.

In addition to offering court tape transcriptions, The Maxene Weinberg Agency also offers the convenience of worldwide deposition scheduling and services tailored to your needs that include: a large select staff of real-time and interactive real-time court reporters; electronic transcript delivery with exhibits and archiving (e-transcript); on-line scheduling of depositions as well as video depositions, editing and transcript synchronization.

Because there are situations where legal transcription services may be obtained for language translation, the Maxene Weinberg Agency also offers interpreting services for deposition testimony. If a testimony is taken in a foreign language, the testimony may need to be transl

ated into English in order to be used in a court of law. Translations can easily be mistaken making hiring a transcriptionist even more important. In a court of law, there is no room for translation errors, by obtaining legal transcription services you are guaranteeing there will be no errors in translation that may affect your case. You can trust the accuracy of MWA with your legal translation service needs.

Legal matters are no joke, the more written documentations you can present in a court of law, the better your case. Wiretaps can play a vital role in a courts decision because it is a legal method of obtaining a confession. Transcribing these wiretaps into a written document needs to be as accurate as can be. The Maxene Weinberg’s transcription services has the technology to make sure an audio file is perfectly clear guaranteeing the transcript will be accurate when presented to a court of law.

MWA also provides the convenience to receive real-time transcript text and video of the witness wherever you are, whether face-to-face or via Internet and Internet real-time with the ability to create a “chat room” and Instant Messaging between selected parties.

Regardless of the court reporting service you need, by obtaining professional transcription services through the Maxene Weinberg Agency, you are guaranteeing your transcriptions will be accurate and presented in a timely manner. There is no room for error when it comes to records of speech presented in a courtroom, one wrong word could change a court’s decisions. Obtaining legal transcription services guarantees there will be no errors to effect the court’s decisions. For the most comprehensive transcription and deposition services available, contact the Maxene Weinberg Agency at (800) 640-1949 or go online @



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